Saturday, January 31, 2009

Some babies just...

Several months ago, my pediatrician told me that "some babies just don't nap" when I came to him, haggard and worn from not getting any rest from my screaming bundle of joy. After mocking this statement for months, I've learned that you could say this about a lot of things in life. "Some babies just don't nap." "Some babies just don't like to be cold." "Some babies just don't like to be small."

But this blog isn't about what babies don't like. It's about finding out what some babies are like. The babies being me, my husband, my own child, my friends, my parents, etc. It's about me figuring out who I am as a mom, a wife, a student, and a friend. Considering my son has his own blog ( I figured that I should have one that's just for me where I can post whatever I want. Hopefully I can gain some insight from other people seemingly more qualified than I am. So join me in the trenches of parenting and life. Hopefully we can get to our final destination of the empty nest and retirement without too many battle wounds.


  1. Hello, Lovely! I'm glad that you are writing a blog that is your own. ;) I shall look forward to reading it regularly, my Monday morning custom. Happy writing!

  2. I am also quite happy about this. While I do enjoy the family updates...these soul-bearing blogs are my FAVORITE!!

  3. Oh, and...clever title. Very cute.