Saturday, June 27, 2009

Take a right at the fork in the road

Thus begins a new journey for my family. We're getting ready to go into uncharted waters and I'm nervous. Do we have enough food? Did I remember to pack an extra pair of underwear? Did someone remember to let the dog out? I have a feeling we may be stopping at some gas stations along the way to ask for directions, even though my husband cringes at the very thought of it. We knew this trip was coming, but it snuck up on us. Hopefully we've got enough gas in the tank to make it where we're going...even though we're not really sure where that is yet (hence asking Joe Bob at the 7-11 for directions). If anyone has any ideas on where our final destination should be, we're open to suggestions.

Don't you love it when people talk in metaphor?


  1. Wherever you're going, May God bless you on your journey....

  2. Yeah....tough roadtrip you're on. However, roadtrips can be pretty cool, too. Where else do you allow yourself to eat Bugles, drink Big Red and laugh about cows' mannerisms? We'll have fun somehow.

    PS...You DID remember your underwear though, right?

  3. Do let us know when you find out your destination. Enjoy the trip!