Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A New Venture

I've been a stay at home mom now for approximately 25 months. And I love it. It has great benefits, no dress code, and I can usually take a bathroom break whenever I feel the need. But there is one slight disadvantage.

Lack of payment.

Yes, I get paid in love, tickles, hugs, peanut butter and jelly, and an occasional nap. But as far as seeing a monetary benefit, I've got nothing. Hopefully that will change in the near future as I'm getting closer to taking my National Counselors Exam (NCE) and securing a (cross your fingers here) PAID internship. But until then, money remains tight. Knowing that I'm a Freeland, it may not surprise you that I'm careful with our money. We save, Save, SAVE - all the time. But since I've been without a job for two years, it's been harder to take advantage of various "fun" activities because what we save has been paying bills...and insurance...and school loans. Going to the movies, out to eat, getting a pedicure, or buying clothes and shoes are all luxuries that I don't get to partake in very often. And now that graduation is over and the degree is in hand, more school loans are about to arrive in nice little white envelopes come November.

My solution for this has been to not only seek a paid internship, but to dabble in a little side business. I may not have mentioned it before but I love to sew. Back in college, I was able to train and learn under an awesome guy named Mark at Kansas State when I worked in the costume shop. I learned how to make lots of things, from petticoats and corsets, to ballgowns and dress pants. Within the past year, I've started making more things with my nifty little sewing machine. Specifically baby items. So far I've mastered how to make Slings, Embellished Burp Cloths, Nursing Aprons, Blankets, Diaper Bag Changing Pads, and Snugglers (mini-security blankets). After I started making these for friends, people kept telling me, "You should sell these." So after much prayer and a leap of faith, I decided to go through with it. Here's a peek at some of the items I've made over the past year.

The following are various other custom orders for friends -
from Burp Cloths to Nursing Aprons:
For Baby Liam

For Baby Owen
For Baby Caitlin
Various other designs and items (Snugglers not pictured)

Right now I'm working on choosing a name, getting a logo and website, and setting up an online store. But in the interim, I'm taking orders over e-mail and Facebook. I would love to make you something special. As an incentive to try me out, I'm offering a 20% discount to anyone that contacts me and mentions my blog "Some Babies Just". I guarantee you'll receive an item that is made with love and creativity. Leave me a comment or e-mail me (find the email in my profile box) if you're interested in having me start a special project just for you or someone you love.


  1. These items are amazing! I actually came across your blog searching people who have taken the NCE, but I love your side business too! I am right there with you in the money dept (I graduate in August), so I can't order anything just yet, but I would love to. The very last picture is my absolute favorite!

  2. Kristina,

    This is so great-good for you. Such adorable baby things. Hey, if you get into making tutus or items for babies/kids to wear, I know a photographer in Idaho who would be interested. :0)


  3. Wow! These are great. Where were you when I had a baby. I do know a couple of women who are expecting, so I'll keep you in mind. I hope your new venture brings you lots of fun AND cash.

  4. D.P. - Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm working on getting an online store set up, so check back soon for more details. Good luck on finishing out school. I just finished up in May....feels soooooooo good! Now the anxiety of taking the NCE happens. Are you going to do private practice/agency/or school related work? Your blog makes me thing you're going into school counseling...

    Maggie and Sarah - Thanks for the encouragement girls!! I may start making tutu's as well. They're pretty simple to make and hopefully I can make some good extra money with this venture. I just bought my first website last night!

  5. You should use I've told Erica about etsy too. Lots of cool handmade stuff :)

  6. I was one happy customer-thanks Kristina! Julie loves her snuggler and burp cloth!
    I agree with Erin, I'm sure you know about etsy. It would be a great place to start out and you could build up to your own site.
    Another idea for you-I saw the cutest appliqued onesies. Just add your cute little animals to a purchased onesie. So adorable!